Simple Ways On How To Easily Fight Yeast Infection

moist environments

Yeast infections can turn even small tasks into daunting ones. A quick car trip can be a painful, itchy nightmare. Continue reading for more tips on what to do to prevent and treat any yeast infection.

Believe it or not, stress can trigger yeast infections. Stress can hamper your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to infections of all kinds, including yeast infections.

Stay away from scented and/or caustic products. A lot of women use body wash and douches when washing their vaginal area. These products can actually irritate the vagina and upset the natural balance. This will make you more vulnerable to yeast infections. If you need to use soap, use gentle formulas that are meant for sensitive, delicate skin.

TIP! Sweating profusely creates a warm, humid environment. Yeast likes nothing better than to grow in such an environment.

Stay away from fancy underwear if you have a history of yeast infections, even when they look really nice. Regular cotton keeps things dry, lace and nylons that fancy panties contain tend to keep moisture close to your body. This leads to yeast overgrowth and irritation.

Clean vaginas tend to be healthy vaginas. Gently wash the entire genital area very well, and make sure all the folds of skin are cleansed. Also, be sure to dry the area thoroughly. Yeast tends to grow in moist environments, so the drier, the better.

Tight Clothing

Make sure you do not wear very tight clothing or synthetic fabrics. Tight clothing, especially underwear, traps moisture and raises your body temperature, as well as constricting airflow. Yeast thrives in moist environments with little air circulation. Try to wear clothing made of natural, breathable fabrics like cotton for example. Ensure they do not fit too tightly.

TIP! If you would like to avoid yeast infections, do not use scented soap or bubble bath. These products irritate the vagina, allowing yeast to grow and flourish in the environment.

You should take some probiotics if you get yeast infections regularly. Acidophilus, a bacteria found in all yogurts, is one probiotic that can help balance your body and decrease or get rid of yeast infections. Probiotics are also available in the form of a pill or powder.

Overcoming a yeast infection should be your number one priority so you can get back to your life. If you find your have another yeast infection be sure to remember these tips. Prevention and avoidance would be wonderful, but knowing how to treat is also great!

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